Friday, April 15, 2011

student of High School TBR :)

What we do on today :

1. Escape extraclass 
2. Disturbing neighbours .
3. Shouting like hysteria and psycho .
4. Singing and dancing like crazy .
5. Watching video of hindustan .
6. Milo for our drink *no alcohol here :)
7. Share secret 
8. Call our ehemehem *gedik :)
9. Talking bad about other people . Mengumpat for sure :)
10 . And then crying . All of sudden . Kind of crazy right ?

This is what me and tiqs do today . all teachers said that SPM CANDIDATE cannot having fun or hangout . "MELEPAK" just wasting our time . yess my lovely teachers . you totally right but we should spend our time with our friends jugakkan . study study and study just make all of us getting bored . chilla , we know what we do and we also know about our future . bukan selalu pon kan buad macam ney . i promise this is the first and its also the last :)

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